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The King of Coney Island

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goodnight saigon // billy joel

we met as soulmates on parris island
we left as inmates from an asylum
and we were sharp, as sharp as knives
and we were so gung ho to lay down our lives


Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald September 24th, 1896 — December 21st, 1940

"If you sat in a room with him, he’d give you the feeling that somewhere around the corner something exciting was gonna happen. He was warm and wonderful and the producers were in awe of him."  —H.N. Swanson

He was incurably romantic, forever reaching for an elusive fragment of love, forever conjuring up illusions.”  —Frances Kroll Ring

"If ever there was a Jekyll and Hyde character, it was F. Scott Fitzgerald, a man of two completely different personalities. One Scott was kind; the other cruel. One was completely mature; the other never grew up. One wanted to be loved and admired; the other wanted to be despised. One tried to make people better than they were; the other tore them down. One was careful to the point of hypochondria; the other reckless of his health and safety." —Sheilah Graham

I am not a great man, but sometimes I think the impersonal and objective equality of my talent and the sacrifices of it, in pieces, to preserve its essential value has some sort of epic grandeur.” —Scott

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